Tech News: Skullcandy’s Grind Wireless are reliable and inexpensive Bluetooth headphones

There are really only a handful of things I look for in wireless Bluetooth headphones: comfort, sound quality, and wireless reliability. Skullcandy’s new Grind Wireless, a set of Bluetooth headphones that hit stores earlier this month, do well in all of those areas and only cost $89.99. They aren’t perfect, but for less than a Benjamin, they get the job done and look pretty good while doing it.

Tech News: A German city put traffic lights in the sidewalk

Do you text and walk? Would you like to continue to do so without getting run over by a vehicle, or worse β€” being berated by an angry man on a bicycle wearing spandex? Well the German city of Augsburg may have found a solution to the problem: traffic lights in the sidewalk.