Ezee Knowledge Bank: 10 Health Facts that Could Save Your Cat’s Life

Being that February is National Cat Health Month, it is not only a great time to celebrate your cat for being so awesome, but to also ensure they are healthy, happy and safe. Let this month be a reminder to schedule an annual vet appointment to have your cat checked out. February also honors National Pet Dental Health, so make sure to have the vet check out and clean your cat’s entire mouth as well.


Ezee Knowledge Bank: Alcohol in Skin Care

There is so much incomplete or misleading information online, it’s easy to believe that alcohol-based moisturizers or treatments aren’t really all that bad for your skin. Formulas loaded with alcohol (SD alcohol, ethanol, denatured, isopropyl, methanol or ethyl alcohol) often have a pleasing, quick-drying finish that feels weightless on skin, so it’s easy to see their appeal. Despite the conflicting information you’ll come across, the research is clear: No matter your skin-care concerns, alcohol as a main ingredient in any skin-care product is a problem.