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Without a doubt, my 10 year-old granddaughter can text paragraphs faster and more accurate than I can text one sentence. My 12-year-old grandson is my resource person for all my TV, computer, and technology needs. He had all my apps downloaded and ready to go on my Android phone before I knew how to turn it on.

Technology is like oxygen for these kids. Their ease with the internet, I-pads and android tablets, computers and computer programs and games is simply amazing.

Almost everywhere you go, restaurants, walking down the street, yes, even in church chances are you will spot a tech-savvy toddler hooked up to a cell phone, an MP3  or other electronic gadget.


They likely won’t be making cell phone calls, but will probably be playing with the games and apps – more so than their parents. Kids today can use touch screens before they can tie their shoelaces. Technology is something that we, as parents, have adapted to, while our children are almost born with a mouse in their hands.


In a recent UK survey, two-thirds of parents admitted they relied on their kids for technical support with their digital devices. The poll revealed that computers cause them the most confusion, with a quarter of parents relying on their kids to help them. Twenty per cent of those questioned said their children helped them make calls on their cell phones, while nearly as many said that when they struggled to operate the TV and other devices that caused difficulties including video consoles. They relied on their 10 year olds for help. How many of you have owned a DVD player for over a year and the clock is still flashing 00?

The good news is that luckily for us oldies, the younger generation is happy to help out, with a fifth of children claiming they actually enjoy advising their parents on all things technical.

One mom stated when interviewed, that she often marvelled at her little boy’s usually jam-smeared fingers pecking the keys on her smart phone. While she was reluctant to admit that she would take tips from her son, according to new research over three million parents do,

The survey found that nearly two-thirds of parents admit that their children know as much or more about technology than they do. If you think that’s hard to believe, it gets better! Apparently, dads are twice as likely as mums to ask their offspring for help – the very same dads who would rather drive around lost for 30 minutes than ask for directions!

While most adults are perfectly capable of mastering an electronic device with the help of an instruction manual, it seems that a whole generation of parents is turning to their kids for help tuning in the family’s new television,. Most adults are perfectly capable of mastering an electronic device with the help of the instructions – but really, how many of us can actually be bothered? If, as adults, we feel like we are being left behind by the younger generation’s technical abilities, perhaps it’s because we’re not trying very hard to keep up: and ‘Yes’ we are being left behind.

Almost half of parents surveyed said they felt that time together as a family had been significantly reduced by their children’s over-use of gadgets.

My feeling is that if you are one of these adults who are happy to surrender gadget control to your eight-year-old, it should also be your responsibility to encourage them to spend more time away from the screen. Time they could spend playing sports, riding their bikes, or even (heaven forbid) reading a book the old-fashioned way. We are breeding a generation of over fed, under exercised kids who will grow up to be flabby, over-weight, unhappy, unhealthy couch potatoes who have lost any ability to verbally communicate with the world around them.



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