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Good afternoon and welcome to another Tech 5 program and a five minute trip into the amazing world of technology. This is Ben Harrison.


Thousands of people flocked to Barcelona for the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S5 – considered, at least by Samsung to be a globally important event that will shape the digital lives of at least 50 million users, and will also provide more sales of Samsung products and smart phones worldwide.

The Samsung S5 phone is water resistant and dust proof. A finger print lets you pay for shopping online and its camera lets you focus after you’ve taken a picture, and it will also provide extraordinarily fast network speeds by combining WiFi and 4G into a single stream. All this is a genuinely innovative package, the result of billions of dollars and countless hours invested in research and development.

And yet it’s not actually that exciting. As a phone the S5 itself is amazing – but not a whole lot more amazing than the iPhone, the Sony Xperia Z2, and the latest from LG and other companies.

Sony phones have been somewhat waterproof for ages; that the Lytro camera had post-focus years ago, most internet networks are slow at the source, not because of a phone – and anyone who pays using only a fingerprint?  Not me!.

While many people believe all those things matter, there is also misunderstanding of where technology is heading.

So Samsung and other manufacturer’s smart phones are extraordinary not just because of what technology they contain and can do today, but  also because it signals a new era where smart phones with screens of any size are becoming the remote control for everything around us.

For the first time a phone is part not just of a family of other phones and tablets but it’s integrated into a series of other screens on your watch, your fitness tracker your TV, your fridge and even your washing machine.

Every aspect of computing is now heading toward a connected world, where the internet can, if you want it, be present in everything you own – an internet of things where you can start your car and even turn your auto air conditioner on from your workplace and while driving home turn on welcome lights and turn on your home air conditioner,

Some will say that makes that sounds so boring. And it’s true that the Smartphone may no longer give you the thrill that the iPhone or Blackberry did when they were first released, but we have access right now, some of the most extraordinary gadgets mankind has ever conceived; and we are getting a glimpse of the future world we will be living in. While we may not care not about megapixels, gigahertz, gigabytes, the world’s first curved screens and the end of cash,  the most exciting thing about technology today is not the gadget – the phone, the TV, the wifi washing machine or the connected toothbrush – that’s right a connected toothbrush – I have to tell you about one of the newest, strangest, costliest and potentially useless gadgets I have recently come across:

The connected toothbrush was introduced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. It will track how often you brush your teeth and how well you do it. While this doesn’t seem like a product you should spend $199 on, unless you’ve got serious issues with remembering to brush. It will make your dentist part of your oral routine. The toothbrush with Bluetooth connectivity will connect through an app synchronized to your smart phone, I-pad or Tablet, information to tell you how well you are doing it cleaning your teeth and will even allow your dentist to keep tabs—and to tell you which areas of your mouth need more attention. The app will guide your brushing and you’ll “be able to fully personalize the brushing routine for you.

Smart phones, I-pads, tablets and computers are predictors of the future and how much, collectively, these devices and the technology involved in developing them have changed the world in recent years, and how soon they will have a much greater impact for better or worse for an ever-widening number of people around the world.

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