Ezee Knowledge Bank – How To Clean Your Tongue Properly

Have you noticed people standing further away from you lately? Giving you funny looks? Saying, “Gosh, have you been eating garbage?” When you have bad breath, the world turns against you. Even closer friends avoid you. Despair not, there is hope! One of the best ways to get rid of bad breath is to just clean your tongue. This article will show you a couple ways to do that.

670px-Clean-Your-Tongue-Properly-Step-1-Version-2Understand the problem. The cause of rancid tongue breath is that there are grooves and ridges on your tongue that trap bacteria. Eventually, you get a build-up of foul-smelling goo.

670px-Clean-Your-Tongue-Properly-Step-2-Version-2Obtain a tongue-cleaning tool. You can find them at Indian groceries or order them easily online. The curved copper ones are simple, highly effective, and last forever. It might be the best thing you own. Or you could ask your dentist or orthodontist for a special tool used for cleaning your tongue. It works by scraping the tongue gently but firmly, washing the bacteria and stink down the drain.

670px-Clean-Your-Tongue-Properly-Step-3-Version-2Scrape your tongue. From the root of the tongue pass the scraper towards the tip several times. It is said that it should be done first thing every morning before eating or drinking. Once a day is sufficient.
  • You will get a buildup of residue on the tool. Rinse it off, and continue until you’ve worked over your whole tongue.670px-Clean-Your-Tongue-Properly-Step-3Bullet1-Version-2

670px-Clean-Your-Tongue-Properly-Step-4-Version-2Rinse your mouth. Use a good strong mouthwash and rinse thoroughly to wash away any remaining loose residue, and to freshen your breath.

670px-Clean-Your-Tongue-Properly-Step-5-Version-2Say hello to your friends. Here’s how to test the effectiveness of the cleaning. Sure, you can blow into your cupped hand and take a sniff, but the real test is what others perceive.
  • Stand fairly close to somebody you know who’s name begins with an “H,” and say, “Hello, Heather (if that’s her name), how are you doing?” If Heather flinches and makes a funny face, go home and give that tongue as second scraping. If she smiles and says, “Fine, thank you,” then you’re good.670px-Clean-Your-Tongue-Properly-Step-5Bullet1

617px-Clean-Your-Tongue-Properly-Step-6-Version-2Keep it up. Now that you’ve got the scraper and mastered its use, give your tongue daily attention. Your breath — and your friends — will thank you for it.

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