Ezee Knowledge Bank – How to Get Rid of Bloating

Bloating can cause severe discomfort and, unfortunately for many, bloating often becomes a recurring problem. The best way to get rid of bloating from your life is by making changes to your diet and increasing the amount of physical exercise in your life. For immediate relief, the best treatments are mild to moderate walking and over-the-counter medication. Here’s what you need to know about both long-term and short-term bloating treatments.

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Method 1 of 3: Physical Solutions

  1. 670px-Testarticle-Step-8Take a walk the next time you feel bloated. Roughly 5 to 20 minutes of rapid walking can aid in the digestive process.
    • 670px-Testarticle-Step-8Bullet1Rapid walking is preferable over leisurely walking.
    • 670px-Testarticle-Step-8Bullet2Walking is gentle enough to prevent further stomach upset, but it also provides enough physical activity to keep food and trapped air moving through the digestive tract. The increased heart rate and breathing causes the digestive muscles to push air and food through the intestines.
    • 670px-Testarticle-Step-8Bullet3Walking long enough to break a sweat offers an additional benefit. The production of sweat releases trapped fluids, eliminating excess water that may contribute to bloating.
  2. 670px-Testarticle-Step-11Bullet2Apply pressure to your stomach. Putting gentle pressure on your abdomen can ease physical stress on the stomach, reducing any present tension and bloating.[1]
    • For five minutes, gently apply pressure in a small circular motion to a spot roughly four finger-widths above your belly button. This technique is known as acupressure.