Tech 5, For June 25, 2014 – Google Launches Android TV

aNDROIDTeased back in April thanks to an early leak, Google took the wraps off Android TV today at its Google I/O event in San Francisco.

Initial reports indicated that the system would be a set-top box, similar to devices like the Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV and Apple TV, and Google didn’t disappoint.

Visually, the system’s menu consists of a number of rows that allow you to easily scroll up from the bottom of the television.

But the key to Android TV is that comes with voice control, allowing the using to, for example, speak a query like “find Oscar nominated actors” and then have a selection of viewable content shown on the screen fitting the parameters of your spoken query. In a way, this is like having Google Search on your television.

You can also use your Android mobile device and even your Android watch as a control pad for the system.

Android TV also includes full Google Cast support, so it allows you to use it in the same way as the Chromecast. All 2014 Sony and Sharp 4K televisions will support Android TV.