Ezee Knowledge Bank – Is Petroleum Bad For The Hair?

AfricanAmericanHairAnswer 1

Hair grease generally contains petroleum or mineral oil which coats like liquid saran wrap by blocking the pores (hard for our hair folicles to grow through our scalp). So what ever moisture is inside will stay for a while but it prevents other moisture from getting in. The scalp does not need your help, the sebaceous glands provide all the oil your scalp needs.
As an african american woman, I do believe PJ is not good for your hair, it just sits on your hair. You can try biosilk drops every night before you wrap your hair. Or if your going t natural maybe some Olive Oil Moisturizing lotion.

Answer 2

Petrolatum on the hair strands itself will not do much to your hair. It will basically coat the hair which gives hair that artificial looking shine. If you are applying it directly to your scalp, it will clog your scalp pores and not allow them to “breath” (let oxygen in). This will result in delayed hair growth. Petrolatum and Mineral Oil are almost always the first ingredient in “grease”. BLACK WOMEN DO NOT NEED GREASE. Please remember that. Though we do not produce as much scalp oil (sebum) as other races, we should not be applying grease. And only wash with shampoo (Creme of Nature) once a week- AT MOST.
To moisturize your hair, use a water-based moisturizer (which means the first ingredient is water- watch out for petrolatum) I suggest Care Free Curl Gold or S-Curl.
I try to avoid products that have mineral oil or petrolatum as one of the first ingredients.

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