Ezee Knowledge Bank – Is it true that Vomiting makes you lose weight?

slim-scale-stockQ: My friend told me that if you vomit 3 times a week the food that you eat it makes you lose weight. But i thought it makes you gain? Is this true please explain?

A: First of all you should definitely NOT attempt this, it is extremely unhealthy and could end very badly if attempted.
It won’t make you gain weight, you will lose weight doing this, but in a way that could have serious repercussions. I am assuming that your friend means vomiting once after every meal (3 meals a day), that means that the food you just ate is gone from your stomach, and as a result you won’t get any of the fat and nutrients from it; although this may sound like a good dieting idea, it isn’t for several reasons:
– You will damage your throat and esophagus because of the acid in your stomach being vomited constantly and destroying the lining of your throat and esophagus.
– You will become very lazy and tired since you aren’t getting the nutrients you need, because by vomiting you are also getting rid of the vitamins, minerals, fiber, sugars, and other things you need, thus giving you less energy and actually making you even unhealthier.
– If you do this constantly it could lead to severe complications, and even possibly death.

In short, this is not a good idea, and although you will lose weight for sure, you may lose much more.