Ezee Knowledge Bank: Is eating rare steak healthier than eating well done steak?

Humans started surviving better when they learned to cook. Partly this is because it’s easier to eat and digest cooked meat (which was a good part of what they were eating) and partly because micro-organisms like bacteria can’t survive high temperatures that last long enough to cook the meat.

So, in general, cooked meat is “better for you” because you’ll digest it more readily, but the new scare that’s just hit the mainstream, acrylamides, may make you pause. However, I wouldn’t worry about acrylamides if I was you, because like the scares about butter and eggs which have subsequently been debunked, it flies in the face of both common sense and the dietary habits of humans since the first beefsteak was stuck on a stick, into the fire, and then eaten. I give it 5–10 years before it’s on the way out.

In the modern era, eating raw steak (like steak tartare) should be safe so long as you’re sure it hasn’t been in contact with potential contamination from bacteria. If you aren’t sure, be safe and cook it, even if you just flash fry long enough to get it “blue”.

Rare steak should be perfectly safe, and I have to say that’s the way I prefer it myself. I don’t think there’s any evidence that the level of cooking makes a steak more or less healthy.

Source: Quora

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