Beyonce Announces Her World Tour With A Trailer!


Lord Jesus it’s a fire, as Sweet Brown would say!

You could bet on sports like football to always give us one wild half-time show, and Beyonce gave us just that! If you tuned into the Beyonce concert (featuring the Super Bowl), you saw Beyonce whip her half back and forth, sang like it was nobody’s business, and dance her bootylicious ass off!

But, as her performance was absolutely amazing and I nearly died when Destiny’s Child was reunited at last… something even better happened! Right after the half-time show, a commercial for her upcoming world tour, The Mrs. Carter World Tour was released! The tour will kick off on April 15th in Belgrade, Serbia and close at the Barclays center in Brooklyn, NY on August 3rd!

I’m so excited to finally see Queen B in concert!!! Her performances have always been top notch and on point, I could only imagine how fabulous her concert would be!

While the announcement that she’s going on tour is great, I’m not so crazy about commercial and name of the concert… Who’s Mrs. Carter? I’m sure there’s an explanation behind the name, so we’ll have to wait and see!

Check out the commercial (below)!