Ezee Knowledge Bank – 30+ Ways to Use White Vinegar

heinz-vinegarWhite vinegar is an amazing, non-toxic tool that should be in every natural homemaker’s arsenal. It’s natural, frugal and even edible!
Check out these 30+ ways to use white vinegar:

  1. As a fabric softener
  2. As a stain remover
  3. As an odor neutralizer: I will run 1/4-1/2 cup to a rinse cycle if my wet clothes have sat in the washing machine for too long!
  4. To make a multi-purpose cleaner
  5. To remove wallpaper
  6. As a dishwasher rinse aid
  7. to clean burnt pot and pans
  8. To make homemade disinfecting wipes
  9. As a no-streak glass cleaner
  10. As a homemade bug repellent
  11. To clean crystal
  12. As a hair rinse
  13. As a facial toner
  14. To kill weeds
  15. To make homemade produce cleaner
  16. To make homemade liquid dish soap
  17. to clean the microwave
  18. For non-toxic cleaning
  19. To make homemade liquid laundry detergent
  20. to keep your windshield from frosting in the winter
  21. To make a homemade, non-toxic oven cleaner
  22. to dye eggs
  23. to soothe a bee sting
  24. As a shower cleaner
  25. As a homemade dusting spray
  26. to clean your coffee pot
  27. To make homemade furniture polish
  28. to clean your crock pot
  29. As a safe bathroom cleaner
  30. To make homemade Fauxbreeze(a natural spin on Febreeze) or Don’t like the smell of white vinegar? Check out this DIY citrus-infused vinegar and lavender-infused vinegar. (You can even use them as a body splash!)

[The Humbled Homemaker]

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